Teen Pregnancy

Support Programs:

Name: Services: Contact Information Hours: Accessing Resources:
Hope Home · Free pregnancy tests

· Case management

· Home visits

· Adoption assistance

· Referrals

· Learn N Earn boutique

· Parenting education

· Support groups

2139 VanGiesenSt

Richland, WA 99354


M-F 8am-5pm Most services are free for clients, pregnant or parenting teens 20 years old and younger. See here for a Hope Home Referral
First Steps · Prenatal care

· Post-pregnancy follow up

· Family planning

· Maternity support services

· Case management for mom and child

Benton Franklin Health District

7102 W. Okanogan Pl

Kennewick, WA 99336


Tri-Cities Community Health

515 W. Court St.

Pasco, WA 99301


Benton Franklin Health District: M-F 8am-Noon, 1-5pm

Tri-Cities Community Health M-F 8am-6pm

Must be current provider one card holder to access services.
Benton-Franklin Health District Nurse Family Partnership · Support for first time moms 412 West Clark Street

Pasco, WA 99301

M-F 8am-Noon, 1-5pm First time mom of any age, Franklin county resident, Low-income
Safe Place for Newborns · Offering a safe place for parents to leave a newborn For a list of locations, see the Safe Place for Newborns Information and Locations Newborns under 3 days old can be dropped off at any hospital or fire station with no persecution to the mother. An anonymous newborn Parent packetis recommended to fill out by parent.
Benton Franklin Health District · Nurse-Family Partnership Program 412 West Clark Street

Pasco, WA 99301

(509) 460-4229

Varies Qualifications:

· First time mom of any age

· Franklin County Resident

· Low-income

Benton Franklin Health District · Safe Babies Safe Moms

Case Management for mothers struggling with substance addiction issues

7102 W. Okanogan Place

Kennewick, WA 99336


8am-Noon, 1-5pm For more information, see the Safe Babies Safe Moms Brochure. To make referral, fill out Safe Babies Safe Moms Referral Form.


Name: Services: Contact Information: Hours: Accessing Services:
New Horizons High School · Support for teen parents

· Onsite childcare

· Parent education

· Transportation

3110 W. Argent Rd.

Pasco, WA 99301


Call to find out how to enroll in New Horizons High School. Student may be able to attend additional high school for ½ day
Tri-Tech Skills Center · Teen Parent courses

· Day care provided for a small fee when space is available

5929 WestMetaline

Kennewick, WA 99336



Passing Time:7:45-8:00am

First Session:8:00 -10:30am

Passing Time:10:30-10:45am

Passing Time:11:15-11:30am

Second Session:11:30 AM – 2:00pm

Passing Time:2:00-2:15pm

Passing Time: 2:15-2:45pm

Third Session:2:45-6:00pm

Tri-Tech is available for all area High School Students. Teen Parent class is available for any teen who are or are about to be parents

Food and Financial Support:

Name: Services: Contact Information: Hours: Accessing Services:
WIC · Food assistance

· Nutrition Services

For a list of locations see the WIC Tool Depends on Location Apply at individual site locations
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) · Monthly cash grant for families facing financial issues 1120 N. Edison Street

Kennewick, WA



M-F 8am-5pm For more information see the TANF and Teen Pregnancy, also available in Spanish


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