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Transportation Quick Guide

The Transportation Quick Guide is for individuals and families who may struggle to engage in service and in community activities due to the lack of transportation.  Assistance is provided in many ways, helping them become aware of local and out of town transportation services, helping them to learn how to use public transportation, finding them one-time transportation to an appointment, and getting them connected to a driver license program so that they can obtain their license.

The goal of the Transportation Quick Guide is to assist the client in accessing transportation services so that they may maintain employment, gain access to education, and improve overall quality of life.


  • For those that are able to and can get a driver’s license, this can be a much quicker means of getting around. However, the costs associated with driving are much more expensive than that of public transportation. For information on obtaining a driver’s license, see the Getting a Driver’s License Tool.

The costs of obtaining a driver’s license can be expensive, however the costs of driving without one can add up to much higher costs. The cost of a ticket for driving without a driver’s license, or an expired license in the state of Washington is $250.00.

To find more transportation resources look at the Transportation Resource Tool