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School Difficulties Topic Quick Guide

The School Difficulties Quick Guide is for parents and/or children who are struggling at school, either with schoolwork or in engaging the school. This can be exemplified by poor school performance, frustration with the accommodations and help provided by the school, poor attendance, different  cultural norms and values regarding education, and questions over how best to move forward.

The primary goal of the School Difficulties Quick Guide is to assist parents and/or child in navigating the school system and to help parents advocate for the education of their children.
The secondary goal of the School Difficulties Quick Guide is to assist parents and/or child find the Community Resources they need to help overcome barriers to school.

As a parent and/or guardian for children, it will be necessary to sometimes advocate for children within their school. However, for some parents that experience personal barriers this can be a very challenging task. For resources, see the Parent Advocacy folder.
Throughout the school year there will be several meetings between parents and teachers, there will be even more if the child is struggling to succeed at school. These meetings can be a great opportunity for parents/caregivers to speak openly with their child’s teachers and it is important to make the most of these meetings by coming prepared for them. For more information see the Parent-Teacher Meetings folder.

If a child is referred to special education, the school will be required to develop an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). This plan will outline goals for the child and steps to take to meet that goal. For more information, see the Understanding IEP's document.

For Community resource to help a family facing school difficulties, see the School Difficulties Resource Tool