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Risk-Taking Behaviors

The Risk Taking Behavior Quick Guide is for families and/or children who are engaging in risky behaviors. This can either be a deliberate action or accidently finding oneself in high risk situations. Parent/caregivers may be struggling with their child who is engaging in these behaviors and may need to know appropriate interventions to take with child.

The goal of the Risk Taking Behaviors Quick Guide is to provide individuals and families with the both learning resources and community resources to help them find safety for their children or themselves.


  • Parents/caregivers play an important role in preventing dangerous behaviors in teens, for more information see the Preventing High Risk behaviors in teens.
  • Violent behavior in children and teens should be taken seriously and should be addressed before the problem escalades; this is especially true if this behavior is a drastic change from their normal behavior. For more information see the Understanding Violent Behavior in Children and Adolescents document.
  • When a teen becomes violent, it can be challenging for parents to know how to proceed. Parent/caregiver may feel guilty about the necessary actions they need to take to ensure safety within their home. For more information see what to do when your Teen is Violent.
  • One way to keep families safe is to teach gun safety, this is especially true if a gun is in the household. It is important to not only practice safe gun storage but also to teach kids how to respond to guns. For more information see the Firearm Safety folder.

Nearly all teens go through periods where they are argumentative or rebel against parents/guardians. However there does reach a point when their behavior becomes dangerous to themselves and others. For more information see the Normal versus Abnormal Behavior in Teens

For community resources that help with personal safety, see the Risk Taking Behaviors Resource Tool.