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Parenting and Discipline Quick Guide

The Parenting and Discipline Quick Guide is for parents and/or caregivers who may need tips on building strong bonds, handling parenting situations, or handling discipline concerns. They may struggle to find effective tools for setting boundaries to create an appropriate environment for child rearing.  Children in family may lack constant and consistent expectations, and consequences.  Parents may not even be aware of their lack of ability to discipline.  In that case, parents need guidance in identifying appropriate boundaries, expectations, and consequences.  Once that is identified, parents may need assistance on enforcing discipline.

The goal of the Parenting and Discipline Quick Guide is to give parents the education tools and community resources to help them through the difficult task of parenting.


  • Although mothers get most of the credit in raising children, and are extremely important in their role, fathers are equally important to the development of a child.  It is important to consider that men parent differently than women and this should be embraced. For more information, see the learning resources on Fatherhood.
  • As children learn and grown, they continually need positive influence and support from their parents/caregivers. For tips and advice on how support a child’s development at different stages in their life see the learning resources on Positive Parenting.

One important role of parenting is to discipline children. Effective discipline is not a means of punishing children, but rather teaching children how to behave in the world. Children who are not disciplined can end up with behavior issues and can make parenting much more challenging for parents. For more information on effective discipline, see the learning resources on Discipline.

For resources on Parenting and Discipline, see the Parenting and Discipline Resource Tool