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Out-of-Area Relocation

The Out of Area Relocation Quick Guide is for individuals and families that come from out of area or another culture, especially another country, requires assistance in adapting to their new location.  Assistance may be required in understanding the different systems within their new community and the resources available them.

The goal of working of the Non-Native and Relocation Quick Guide is to help connect them with the resource that can help them adjust to their new location. Sometimes this can be assistance in finding housing, a job, or more complex issues relating to immigration.


  • When working with an undocumented minor who has been or is being abused by their parents or caregivers, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project may be able to provide legal representation for the minor. A referral form must be filled out by a caseworker, or other person working with the child, and then faxed to “Attention: SIJS” at 206-587-4025. For additional services offered, see the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Tool
  • Some Immigrant and Refugee individuals and families may qualify for limited public benefits, for more information see the Immigration and Public Benefits document, also available in Spanish.

For those who have entered the country illegally or who have stayed past their permit, the risk of deportation is a real possibility. In order to minimize the issues associated with deportation it is important to have a plan in place. For more information see the Family Safety Planning Toolkit also available in Spanish

For more information on resources that can assist, see the Out of Area Relocation Directory
For a list of Immigration lawyers and other resources, see the Immigration Lawyers document

Talking to law enforcement - Spanish 
Talking to law enforcement - English
Deportation 101 Manual-Spanish
Deportation 101 Manual-English