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Nutrition, Eating Habits, & Food Access Quick Guide

The Nutrition, Eating Habits and Food Access Quick Guide is for individuals or families who may be under-nourished or mal-nourished due to lack of access to healthy foods, over-consumption of unhealthy foods, or due to an unhealthy relationship with food, which leads to not eating, eating too much, or other nutritionally unbalanced consumption.

The goal of the Nutrition, Eating Habits and Food Access Quick Guide is to help individuals and families understand healthy nutrition throughout all stages of life and to connect them with resources to help them get the healthy foods they need.

Nutrition throughout childhood plays an important role in ensuring healthy nutrition throughout the lifespan. Parents and caregivers have a huge amount of control over their children’s diet and should use this time to teach important nutrition lessons. For more information, see the folder on Babies and Toddlers  nutrition.
Even in adulthood it is not too late to make important lifestyle changes that can impact health. For more information on steps to better nutrition, see the Healthy Nutrition folder.

- Eating disorders are considered a very serious mental health disorder that can greatly affect someone’s life and can even lead to serious illness and death. Someone with an eating disorder should receive rehabilitation and counseling to help control their disorder, for information on eating disorders, see the Eating Disorders folder.
- One barrier to healthy eating is access and affordability. Fortunately there are programs that can help those that are struggling to afford healthy food. For more information, see the take action section below.

For more information on community support and resources, see the Nutrition and Eating Habits Resource Tool.