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Maternity Quick Guide

The Maternity Quick Guide is for parents who may be struggling to come to terms with the pregnancy, especially if it was unplanned. They may need supportive resources to help them with the pregnancy including access to health care, financial support, and/or emotional support. They may also need resources for adoption if they are feeling unsure in their ability to parent.

The most important goal of the Maternity Quick Guide is to aid the pregnant woman in ensuring the most positive birth outcome as possible. This includes ensuring mom has health insurance and that she and the baby are receiving healthcare and have an OB-GYN doctor. This also includes: avoiding drugs and alcohol and taking care of nutritional and exercise needs. There are many programs in place to assist new parents in achieving positive birth outcomes.


  • If mother is considering adoption, use this opportunity to listen to her concerns surrounding motherhood. If she is interested in pursuing this option, give her the Adoption as an Option Packet.
  • Drug abuse and pregnancy can be a dangerous combination, if mother is having difficulty stopping drug use or concerned on how to manage a child who has some health outcomes associated with substance abuse, consider looking at Baby Steps- Caring for Babies with Prenatal Substance Exposure

Pregnancy can often time increase risks of certain health conditions, especially if they are pre-existing. If mom has a pre-existing condition, encourage her to be open about this to her physician and to be proactive in the health of herself and her baby.
The stresses of parenthood are great, and  women who have experienced depression in the past have an increased chance of experiencing depression during pregnancy and after birth (for more information see postpartum depression  document, also available in Spanish. If post-partum depression is suspected, conduct a Screening assessment, also available in Spanish).

Pregnancy can be a scary time for mom, filled with a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately there are resources to help. Maternity Resource Tool for community resources to assist.

Common Complaints of Pregnancy - English
Common Complaints of Pregnancy - Spanish
Give Your Baby a Healthy Start- English
Give Your Baby a Healthy Start- Spanish