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Justice System Quick Guide

The Justice System Quick Guide is for parent/Children who are struggling in potential justice system involvement, or needs further assistance with judicial matters, within Federal, State, Penal, or Regulatory Agency. Issue may consist of parental custody, child support, warrants, run-away, and/or other issues.

The goal of the Justice System Quick Guide is to provide educational and community resources to help individual/families navigate the complex Judicial System.


  • Family law covers areas such as: dissolution of marriage, child support, parenting plans, and many other issues relating to family. For more information see the Family Law folder.
  • Protection orders can add an extra layer of protection to individuals who are facing issues relating to personal safety.  For more information see the Protection Order folder.
  • Service Members and Veterans have extra legal protections based on their military status, these protections range from taking out loans to special circumstances that allow for early termination of leases or cell phone plans.  For more information see the Veterans Legal Help folder.
  • Minors in Washington State are another unique population that has extra legal protection, for more information see the Youth Law document.
  • When debt overwhelms someone sometimes the only choice they have is to declare bankruptcy. The process of doing this can be overwhelming, for more information see the Consumer Debt folder.
  • When working there are certain protections that help individuals and families such as length of time someone under 16 can work to work injuries, for more information see the Employment Law folder.
  • There may be some legal terms you need to know before continuning further. Have a look at them here.

Youth under the age of 18 have certain protections under the law and it is important for youth to understand these protections if they get arrested. For more information, see the Know your rights document, also available in Spanish

For community resources that can help individuals/families navigate the Justice System, see the Justice System Resource Tool.