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Gender/Sexuality Issues Quick Guide

The Gender and Sexuality Issues Quick Guide is for parents and/or children who are struggling to understand or meet what they understand to be the expectations and norms associated with their assigned gender. May feel unsafe expressing concerns, need help identifying the issue, and a safe space to uncover complex feelings.

The goal of the Gender and Sexuality Issues Quick Guide is to provide parents/caregivers with learning and community resources to help either themselves or their child address gender concerns.


  • For many people gender is viewed in black and white- either male or female. But in reality gender should be viewed more as a spectrum than an either-or situation. For more information, see the Understanding Gender folder.
  • For parents/caregivers of someone who does not neatly fit into the male or female categories of gender or who may be attracted to a member of the same gender, may struggle to understand and be supportive of their child. For information on ways to support, see the Parent Support learning resources.


  • School age children often struggle when they are considered “abnormal”, for this reason kids who do not conform to regular gender role often experience bullying and even violence in the schools. For more information see the School Considerations document.

For community resource to help those that are struggling with gender issue, see the Gender/Sexuality Resource Tool.