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Gang Involvement Quick Guide

The Gang Involvement Quick Guide is for parents and/or caregivers who may not recognize the indicators that their child is involved in gang activities.  Indicator(s):  like wearing certain styles and colors of clothes, using gang symbols on personal belongings, rarely being home, going out at odd hours, not introducing friends, disengaging from other relationships, and dropping old hobbies.  Parents may need help with awareness.  Parent or child is involved in a gang and wants out, but needs help in doing so.

The goal of the Gang Involvement Quick Guide is to provide parents/caregivers with resources to recognize gang involvement in their children as well as the tools and resources to prevent gang activity and intervene when it is occurring.


  • Parents and caregivers play an important role in the prevention and intervention on gang violence. For more information, including Spanish resources, see the Resources for Parents.
  • Although the majority of gang members are male, it is important to remember that female gang involvement has been on the rise in recent years and to not make assumptions that a female could not be involved in gang activity.

Recognizing the signs of gang involvement in youth is an important first step towards intervening, for more information see the Understanding gang involvement.

For community resources on how to prevent and intervene in youth gang involvement, see the Gang Resource Tool

For more in-depth information on youth gang involvement, see the Gangs 101 - Understanding the Culture of Youth Violence