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Finances Quick Guide

The Finances Quick Guide is for Individuals who may be struggling to maintain and stick to a budget or other issues related to managing finances. This may stem from a belief that budgeting will not benefit them or a lack of understanding on how to budget and other financial information. Education and tools can be used to help them understand the benefits of managing money.

The goal of the Finances Quick Guide is to provide learning and community resources to help families learn to manage their finances.


  • Although banks are considered the best way to keep money safe and secure and to build wealth, for some individuals opening a bank account is not a possibility. For more information, see the Alternatives to Banks learning resources.
  • The most important step in managing finances is to determine a budget and stick to it.  Steps to managing finances include:
  • For some individuals, managing credit and debt can be challenging and can lead to financial distress, for more information on managing debt, see the Credit and Debt learning resources.

Financial Fraud is a growing concern, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly or those facing foreclosure. The general rule of thumb with fraud is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is but some forms of fraud can be a lot harder to detect. For more information on fraud, see Financial Fraud learning resources.

For some low-income individuals, pay day loans may appear to be a means of catching up on bills or handling an unexpected expense, the reality though is that these loans can create a cycle that is very challenging for individuals to break free of. For more information, see the Payday Loans learning resources.

For community resources to help with managing finances, see the Finances Resource Tool

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