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Employment Quick Guide

The Employment Quick Guide is for parents/Caregivers who are struggling with finding or maintaining employment and or needs assistance with preparing to search for employment like writing a resume, preparing with interview, and doing job searches.

The goal of the Employment Quick Guide is to provide parent/caregiver with the educational and community resources to help them prepare for, find, and maintain employment.


  • Resume writing is the process of transferring past experience onto paper. Most employers today request a resume from prospective employees. Although it is great to have a general resume, it is best to tailor resumes to specific job openings that ask for unique skills. For more information on resume writing and templates for getting started, see the Creating a Resume folder.
  • The job searching process can be overwhelming; there are so many avenues for searching for employment that it can be a struggle to begin the search. For more information and tips on job searching, see the job Searching folder.
  • Before offering a job, most employers will interview the top candidates. This process can be very stressful for job seekers and requires some preparation work in order to make the best first impression and to increase chances of getting the job. For more information on interviewing skills, see the Interviewing folder.
  • Due to their veteran status, many former service members have unique benefits that they qualify for in regards to employment services. For more information see Veteran Employment Resources folder.

It may seem like once a job is offered that the hard part is over; when in fact keeping a job comes with its own unique challenges that can make keeping a job almost as hard as landing one. For more information on keeping a job, see the Keeping the job folder).
Job searching can be challenging for everyone, however it is made even more challenging for those with a criminal record. For more information on tools to help, see the Re-Entry Guide for offenders.

For community resources that help individuals in all stages of finding and maintaining employment, see the Employment Resource Tool.