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Education Quick Guide

The Education Quick Guide is for individual who are interested in pursuing an education or supporting their education through additional services. This can be for anyone at any age and can mean anything from getting a GED, going back to school after dropping out, gaining a college degree, or getting tutoring to help with school.

The goal of the Education Quick Guide is to assist clients in finding the right education resource that meets the needs of the individual or family.


  • Tutoring is a great means of helping a child struggling in school to catch up. To be effective, tutoring should begin at as early of a time as possible before the student falls too far behind. Through speaking with a counselor or teacher at the child’s school, parents will be given additional resources on tutoring at their school or within their community.
  • For First time college students or for those wanting to pursue a degree but have been out of school awhile, the process can be challenging. Not to mention the rising costs of tuition can make getting a college degree seem unattainable. Through filling out a FAFSA, potential students can apply for federal student aid, for more information see the filling out a FAFSA instructions.
  • As part of their benefits, Service Members and Veterans are eligible to receive educational benefits. These benefits vary based on the time when the Veteran served. For more information, see the Veteran Education Benefits folder for specific education programs.


Recently a new GED test was released that better meets to the standards of graduating High School Seniors. With these changes, the former GED tests are no longer being accepted. Any tests taken prior to 2014 will no longer qualify for people pursing their GED.

For a list of resources available to help with an individual’s educational needs look at the Education Resource Tool