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Developmental Milestones Quick Guide

The Developmental Milestones Quick Guide is for parents/caregivers who need a basic understanding of what normal development looks like, and what to expect as their child grows. They may need tools to engage effectively through the changes of child development as well as resources to turn to for when their child is meeting developmental benchmarks.

The goal of the Developmental Milestones Quick Guide is to give parents information on normal developmental milestones; as well as providing them with resources to assist their child in reaching these developmental milestones.


  • In order to check for developmental delays, it is best to do a periodic check on child. Although not all delays lead to disabilities, catching them early is the best means of ensuring positive outcomes children. (To check child’s progress, see the Developmental Checklists 0-5 English and Spanish document).
  • The greatest influence on childhood development falls with the parents. As parents successfully model the world, children will see this and develop their own means of being in the world based on this. (For an inspirational poem to give to clients, see Children Learn What They Live, also available in Spanish).

When a child is far behind on a milestone, it is important for the child’s parents/caregiver to address their concerns with a physician or a development center in order to get a screening done. For more information, see developmental disability tool for more information on accessing supportive services.

For resources to assist parents with childhood development, see the Developmental Milestones Resource Tool