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Basic Needs Guide

The Basic Needs Quick Guide is for individuals and/or families who are struggling to have their basic needs met. This can include food, shelter, hygiene, and healthcare. They often have numerous barriers that prevent them from accessing resources to assist them with their basic needs. These barriers can include language, transportation, childcare, and many others. Family may need community resources that can help them access their basic needs as well as system navigation and advocacy as they attempt to navigate complex systems.

To goal of the Basic Needs Quick Guide is to ensure individuals and/or families have the knowledge and tools to get those needs met. Either that is a location to take a hot shower, or where to find a meal, or how to apply for a homeless assistance program; all of these can be used to aide a client in meeting their basic needs.

For individuals and families who have been in the “system” for a while, they may struggle with being able to engage in services. They may wonder what the point is and feel that no matter what they try it will fail. This is one of the most challenging issues to address, when the client is experience a defeatist attitude and it may take some extra work to help this client engage in services.

For a list of community resources see the Basic Needs Resource Tool