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Activities Quick Guide

The Activities Quick Guide is for parents and/or caregivers who need to find ways to engage the family, thus building positive bonds between members; including, activities which build bonds between the family and their community. Indicator(s):  include a client who has few friends, or no ideas for what to do for fun on a free day with good weather, or knows very little about the community despite a decent length of living in it.

The goal of the Activities Quick Guide is to assist clients in finding activities that engage families with each other and with their community.


  • As children grow and develop they learn many important life skills from their parents. At the young stages of life children thrive on interaction with parents. For more information and ideas of activates, see Activities to do with Kids folder.
  • Keeping kids busy and entertained during the summer months when they are away from school can be a challenge. However the summer months are an important time to encourage learning in a fun environment. For fun activities to do with kids, see the Free or Low-Cost Summer Activities.
  • When the weather gets cold and kids are forced inside, both kids and parents can get restless, for fun activities to do with kids, see the Free or Low-Cost Winter Activities.

For more information on local activities for families, see the Activities Resource Tool.